Welcome to ISTOG.NET

The Inservice Testing Owners Group (ISTOG) collects, integrates, and shares industry knowledge, resources, and products so that members will benefit from improved implementation of inservice testing programs. The benefits of this collaborative effort include cost reduction, error reduction, improved performance, aging workforce knowledge capture for future generations, and increased regulatory influence.

To accomplish the ISTOG purpose, the following objectives have been established:
  • Provide forum for joint discussions and resolution of IST issues through communication between ISTOG members and other industry organizations, e.g., ASME and NRC.
  • Provide a mechanism for making recommendations on IST issues to industry organizations, e.g., ASME and NRC.
  • Provide improved plant safety and availability through recommendations of improved IST.
  • Capture knowledge and experience of industry personnel in the IST field.
ISTOG membership consists of representatives from companies who operate nuclear power plants and who perform Inservice Testing duties as a profession. Additionally, non-utility companies (e.g., consultants, vendors) that provide support directly related to IST activities (e.g.; develop, update and maintain IST Programs; engineering evaluations; problem resolution) can become ISTOG members.

ISTOG Steering Committee (SC)
  • The Steering Committee shall decide on the priorities or order of business of an organization and manages the general course of its operation.
The Inservice Testing Owners’ Group (ISTOG) needs your expertise and experience. By collaborating our collective knowledge and resources, we are improving the capabilities of all of our members to address component problems and regulatory issues. Being a member of ISTOG provides a support network for rapid responses to confusing or difficult IST situations.

  • Your membership enables us to speak with one voice as an industry to the regulatory authorities for issues that affect everyone.
  • ISTOG is capturing IST program related knowledge and experience in a web-based forum, which includes technical positions, guidelines and analyses that you can directly apply to your IST Program today!
  • This information is available exclusively to our members who are actively involved in IST program implementation and management.
ISTOG has also taken on active roles in working with other organizations such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants Code Committees, the Nuclear Industry Check Valve Group (NIC), the Appendix J Program Owners Group (APOG), the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), and is exploring other avenues and means to improve our capabilities. In short, ISTOG is a dynamic group seeking to make productive and positive changes in the conduct, administration and implementation of IST.

I cordially invite you to join ISTOG. Program technical advancements realized by the groups’ efforts are just one benefit of membership. You will also reap the benefits of information sharing, gain access to the ISTOG website’s information, Q&A features, and more. You’ll have the opportunity for direct access to NRC decision makers at our ISTOG meetings and hear their positions on important industry issues. Our meetings also feature top-notch presentations from the experts in our industry. Most importantly, you obtain and can provide valuable input to a consortium of your nuclear industry IST peers.