The Inservice Testing Owners Group (ISTOG) collects, integrates, and shares industry knowledge, resources, and products so that members will benefit from improved implementation of inservice testing programs. The benefits of this collaborative effort include cost reduction, error reduction, improved performance, aging workforce knowledge capture for future generations, and increased regulatory influence.


To accomplish the ISTOG purpose, the following objectives have been established:
  • Provide forum for joint discussions and resolution of IST issues through communication between ISTOG members and other industry organizations, e.g., ASME and NRC.
  • Provide a mechanism for making recommendations on IST issues to industry organizations, e.g., ASME and NRC.
  • Provide improved plant safety and availability through recommendations of improved IST.
  • Capture knowledge and experience of industry personnel in the IST field.

Organization and Membership

Inservice Testing Owners Group

ISTOG membership consists of representatives from companies who operate nuclear power plants and who perform Inservice Testing duties as a profession. Additionally, non-utility companies (e.g., consultants, vendors) that provide support directly related to IST activities (e.g.; develop, update and maintain IST Programs; engineering evaluations; problem resolution) can become ISTOG members.

ISTOG Steering Committee (SC)

The Steering Committee shall decide on the priorities or order of business of an organization and manages the general course of its operation.